Jed and I were lucky ducks and when I graduated Jed's sweet parents bought us a bed; which kept us from having to sleep on the floor or old twin mattresses that we had when we were kids. Just a couple weeks later while at garage sales with my sister I found a great deal on a headboard that I had been dreaming about.

I had wanted to make my own headboard for a long time and even bought fabric for this imaginary head board months ago in Rexburg; and this 5$ plain wood one was just perfect for it.

To give it the padded/cushion look I cut up my old college, twin sized, mattress pad and used spray adhesive to glue it on. I did two layers and then just staple gunned the heck out of the fabric to the back of the headboard. 

headboard: 5$ (garage sale)
foam cushion: on hand
fabric: 4$
spray adhesive/staples: on hand
total: 9$


Detailed Dresser

 Jed and I found this great dresser at a second hand store that we just loved. It was $60 but when we checked out the manager gave us a discount so we got it for $50! 
We just repainted, sanded, and stained. It was simple and fast. We finished it in one night, put up on Craigslist and sold it a few days later.

dresser: $50 (Savers)
stain: on hand
paint: on hand
sold: $170



big sigh of relief.... 
i passed my test!
officially a LSW!

I am now only going to sign my name
Peggy Webb, BS. LSW


Meet Baby Jack

 Jackson was born early Thursday morning weighing 7lbs 13oz! He is a chubby adorable baby that we all love very much and are so happy to have in our lives!


Night Light

Our night stands and bedroom lamps are two of our oldest projects that we have done; doing them back up in Rexburg. I wish I had taken a 'before' picture of the nightstands because man they were ugly. They were a bright redish/pinkish color and were used outdoors. The wood was completely ruined so we bought some new pieces sanded and stained and painted the metal frame.

The lamps were just as easy too. I strongly suggest if you need more lighting to just redo old lamps because new ones can get pretty expensive. All we did was spray paint the bodies of the lamps and trace the lamp shade onto some fabric that we liked and used a spray adhesive to attach.

night stands: 5$ each (DI-Rexburg)
spray paint: 2$
wood squares: 8$
stain: 5$

lamps/shades: 12$ (thrift stores)
spray paint: 4$
fabric: 6$
spray adhesive: on hand
total: 22$


old now New dresser

Jed and I got down to business the other night and finally finished our bedroom dresser. After selling our yellow one we decided to go for a more neutral color. I love this dresser because we got it for FREE out of someones trash.. gross? Well that's our favorite type of furniture.. it was pretty dirty/dusty, but with some sandpaper, stain, and paint we now love it. 

dresser: FREE strangers trash 
paint: $5
knobs/pulls: $12
stain: on hand
total: $17


craft time

Jed and I went to Denver last weekend for our nephews baptism. It was so fun to be with family and get out of town for a few days. Denver is such a beautiful city and there is so much to do.

The drive is about six and half hours from our place, so it was prefect time to do some crafts in the car. I found this idea off of pintrest and made them to decorate my office at work.

They are pretty and simple. All you have to do is have a styrofoam ball, straight pens, and your choice of paper. Using a paper cutter I punched out about a thousand little hydrangeas and then attached them to the ball.  I wish I had thought about things like this when I was looking for wedding decorations!



Jed and I were in dire need for a dresser. I was so sick of folding all my clothes into piles, just to have them fall apart after grabbing a shirt. So we went on a hunt and came up with an old, solid pine, six drawer dresser.
This was our first time refinishing a dresser and ended up really liking the end result. It was fairly simple to do, after we learned what wood putty was and where/when to buy knobs/pulls. 

Sadly though, this dresser still wasn't big enough for ALL my clothes. So after scoring another FREE dresser we decided to sell it to this super sweet/cute young couple that Jed works with.
 dresser: $20 craigslist
paint: $4
stain: on hand
knobs/pulls: $16
total: 40
sold: $80



I love old fashion, hand written, letters. Opening a mail box and seeing one addressed to me is one of the best feelings, its like  opening a present.

For two years while Jed served a mission I was lucky enough to open a letter every week. Jed was great at writing me, I believe that through the whole two years he was gone he only missed one week, and made up for my doubling up others. I was pretty good at writing him too, but missed more than just one week.

The other day Jed came home with a big binder that had every single one of my letters that I wrote him. They were neatly organized with page protectors, all in order. It was fun to go through and read the silly/lovey/sad things that I wrote about and brought back so many memories.  We then got out all my letters that Jed wrote to me (which were not so organized).

These letters are so special to me. I am so glad that Jed and I both kept them, they will be something that we will keep always and something our kids will be able to read and laugh at. They also reminded me about how much Jed and I have gone through and how lucky we are that we get to be together forever!



Jed surprised me with a sewing table a few months ago that he found at a thrift store in town. He made my little brother go with him to pick it up and hid it at his parents house cute. He purchased the table and chair for only $10 bucks! When I saw it  I instantly liked it but it needed a lot of work.

(Every time I forget to take 'before' pictures I get annoyed at myself; I think they are the best part)

Since Jed and I are new at this whole world of refinishing we tend to make lots of mistakes. We end up buying too little paint, wrong sized knobs/pulls, and make a trillion trips to Lowes. All of which happened with this desk. In the end it turned out, but we spent a lot more money than we would have like to. Oh well, the lady who bought it was very nice and she loved the color!

desk/chair: $10 thrift store
paint: $10
knobs/pulls: $15
supplies: $5 
sold: $80
profit: $40 


Do you know what a buffet table is? I didn't. Well not really, but apparently you have them in your dining room and keep your fancy dishes, table cloths, and napkins in. Even though I didn't really know what I would use this piece of furniture for I had to have it when I saw it. It had this charming character and the fact that it was an antique made me love it more.

The lady selling it was leaving town..fast..because of a insane roommate (I love the people that you meet on craigslist and their crazy stories). She sold it to us for a steal of 30$, but sadly when we got it home it was bigger than I had thought and we really had no space for it. After a few weeks of storing it we decided to sell, it took a few weeks for someone to buy it, but the nice family that bought it loved it just as much as me.

buffet table: 30$ (craigslist)
cost of refinishing: 0$
sold: 130$