Jed and I were in dire need for a dresser. I was so sick of folding all my clothes into piles, just to have them fall apart after grabbing a shirt. So we went on a hunt and came up with an old, solid pine, six drawer dresser.
This was our first time refinishing a dresser and ended up really liking the end result. It was fairly simple to do, after we learned what wood putty was and where/when to buy knobs/pulls. 

Sadly though, this dresser still wasn't big enough for ALL my clothes. So after scoring another FREE dresser we decided to sell it to this super sweet/cute young couple that Jed works with.
 dresser: $20 craigslist
paint: $4
stain: on hand
knobs/pulls: $16
total: 40
sold: $80

2 notes:

Kristyne said...

everything you fix up turns out so cute! i really love this one.

Kelli said...

I like that you picked such a cheery yellow. I'm always afraid to make big statements like that, but it turned out great!

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