Night Light

Our night stands and bedroom lamps are two of our oldest projects that we have done; doing them back up in Rexburg. I wish I had taken a 'before' picture of the nightstands because man they were ugly. They were a bright redish/pinkish color and were used outdoors. The wood was completely ruined so we bought some new pieces sanded and stained and painted the metal frame.

The lamps were just as easy too. I strongly suggest if you need more lighting to just redo old lamps because new ones can get pretty expensive. All we did was spray paint the bodies of the lamps and trace the lamp shade onto some fabric that we liked and used a spray adhesive to attach.

night stands: 5$ each (DI-Rexburg)
spray paint: 2$
wood squares: 8$
stain: 5$

lamps/shades: 12$ (thrift stores)
spray paint: 4$
fabric: 6$
spray adhesive: on hand
total: 22$

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sweetybird09 said...

Oh I just love what you did with the furniture great idea to redo old lamps, I found your blog from Cherished Bliss,

I am your newest follower :)


PeggyJean said...

thanks so much and its very nice to meet you!

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