Starting CrossFit

So this past Monday Peggy, Mom, and me started CrossFit!!! And so now we all look like this.....
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Lies. We don't. Well at least not yet. But maybe we will. Probably not though because we can't walk around photo shopped...

Allow me to go on one tiny tangent. Real life girls will never look like girls in the pictures! Even our INSTRUCTOR who is obviously super fit doesn't have a body like the ones in the magazines. Unattainable. UNATTAINABLE. Love this picture (found on pinterest.com)

because really this is what we all do.... ridiculous really.

So now we are going to try to be healthy. To mold our bodies into something completely imperfect, but something that we can be proud of. I want what every girl wants.... To eat without getting fat. But obviously that didn't happen and so now I am here.... BLO..... and needing a change and I hope that CrossFit is that change that will snowball into something great.

So lets talk about the CrossFit experience. First of all its not as bad as you think its gonna be. Its more fun. Its not as hard. Yet, still hard. I'm sore and a little tight. I haven't thrown up... nor has anyone else in our classes (and we are all newbies). Our first workout I finished in 24 minutes and the second was finished in 20 minutes (not including the warm up or cool down). Its intense, but I think I could handle more. Except for "Burpees" - I can't handle anymore of those. Burpees KILLED me last night. A Burpee is when you go from standing up to the plank position (your hands and feet are supposed to touch the ground at the same time), and then you do a push up and then you jump your feet to your hands and then do a jump jumping jack. IMPOSSIBLE. At least for now.

I'm excited about this new work out. I'm excited that my body is sore. I'm ready for a change. I'm ready to be in a "normal" weight bracket.

So here are our "before" pictures. We obviously forgot to take them in the privacy of our own home and so had to do an impromptu K-Mart photo shoot....



Black Tie Gala

Last Saturday German and I had the opportunity to go to the Sickle Cell Anemia Gala her in ABQ. It was SO much fun to get all dressed up and go out on the town! The last time German and I were so dressed up was at our wedding! I have never been to a Gala before, there was dinner and dancing along with a silent auction. There was some AMAZING art work that I would have loved to bid on, but they were a little to rich for our blood. We did bid and won a huge gift basket full of different types of BBQ sauce and meat rubs! It was a great night and we met lot of new people and had a lot of fun...that and my husband looked HOT!


Happily Healthy

OK , so I know that almost everyone out there wants/needs to loose weight. You have a couple options...

1. pay for a gym membership or exercise classes
2. Try to have the self discipline to do it on your own

Believe me I am all for those gym memberships and classes but when your on a strict budget (ie dirt poor) that is not an option. Sooo I need to have the will power and discipline on my own. I've heard numerous time that you can get the same results at home that you can in a gym...I'm going to put that to the test.

Have you ever heard of a gym called CrossFit?? Well I dont know to much about it, but what I do know is that it is AMAZING and gets you results.

Yah, crazy cool right?? So my Mom and sisters have all bought a month pass to the CrossFit in our area and started yesterday. So, while they do that I will be trying out this...

I've also heard that this gets you results too, I guess we'll find out. I'm about 11 1/2 weeks postpartum and need/want to loose about 30lbs. I know that that is not going to happen in a month but this should be a good jump start. We'll up date and let you guys in on how we are doing and in the end find out which way is better! i do understand that everyones body is different, but just for fun lets see what happens.



Striped Wall
I had this big blank wall in out living room and hated it. I really don't know what to put on it and the blankness just makes out TV look even smaller! Jed kept telling me the solution was to buy a bigger tv, but I decided to paint instead! (so much cheaper)

After researching the best ways to paint clear and clean stripes I began. I first measured my wall and decided how big I wanted each stripe. My wall was 8ft tall so I made it easy and went with 1ft stripes. I started the taping process, BUT Jed kept telling me the tape wasn't straight and the level was crooked. So I gladly let him put up all the tape himself (which most definitely was the hardest part of the whole entire project), while I sat on the couch and watched.

Tip #1: After you have taped your stripes seal the edges using a some type of credit card.

Tip #2: Using your base paint (or lighter shade), paint over the sealed edges of the tape. This will prevent your contrasting colored paint to bleed.

Tip #3: pull your tape off away from the stripe before the paint has dried.

wall finished prep work
This is the final result! I really like how the stripes camouflage the blankness of the wall. I was really worried that the lines weren't going to be straight and the paint was going to get everywhere, but using the tips really worked!

mad skills + mad in crafts



Yarn Letter

I purchased a plain cardboard 'W' (for my last name) at Hobby Lobby a few months ago, painted it gray, and hung it on my collage wall. Its only been a few months, but I was already getting sick of it so I spruced it up by wrapping yarn around it about a thousand times.

I like the change. It gives the letter some depth and now sits off the wall more.



For my sister Pangie...

I love you and believe in you COMPLETELY!!

Still breathing, but thats about it.

I'm gonna talk about stress. More specifically how freakin stressed out I am. I just got a new job. A "top of the food chain" job. Most people think its the greatest thing ever (Jenny), but really its not. For the following reasons:

1. Never have I ever wanted to have this much responsiblity. I shun responsibility. (Part of the reason I still live with my parents at 25. Yes. I know I have problems.)
2. If the organization crashes and burns guess whose fault it is? Yep. Its all mine. Who the heck wants that much pressure?!?! (Part of the reason I've never had a boyfriend at 25. I don't like pressure.)

I would continue, but I also don't like feeling all regretful of decisions that I've made and so I'm gonna stop right there.

So I'm STRESSED. More so than I have ever been before. I am a stressful person....as in I get stressed out easily....but not like this. Never like this. Here are some of my symptoms:

A) Last night I couldn't go to sleep. (I'm one of those whos head hits the pillow and I'm out like a babe sleeping)
B) I couldn't go to sleep because my heart was racing soo fast.....I could feel it trying to burst out my chest. (High blood pressure?)
C) I felt nausous to the point where there was all this pressure on my throat (which I guess could also be a symptom of needing to cry. But I don't like crying. It makes me feel awkward.)
D) When my alarm went off this morning I was dreaming that I was in a whirlpool DROWING (significant because I NEVER dream)

So I'm stressed. And it's not healthy. And I don't know how to fix the problems at work so that I won't be stressed anymore.

I wish I never grew up.


Happily Healthy

A page where we share tips, ideas and inspiration on our journey to being more happily healthy.

I need to loose weight...like quite a bit of it. I'm pretty sure most of us would like to be a little bit thinner/toned, and if you're anything like me you can get pretty frustrated/disappointed when you don't agree with what the scale says! I can't count the times I've stepped on that thing and it tell me me I've only lost 1 pound! 1 POUND! So to remind myself how good that is...

OK, so it doesn't make everything all better but it sure does help! I'm sure glad that isn't on my body anymore!