okay seriously though...

I just made this so I could share some of the things that I have been writting in my English classes. I thought that you guys might get a kick out of them. Hopefully know one is offended... I know what I wrote probably isn't what you all remember, but it is just what I remember. It would be fun to get your guy's feedback! Also I can show you guys pictures from what I am doing up in college! My roommates all have blogs so that thier parents can see what they are up to. Don't feel bad if you guys never get on or reply, this is just for fun!

love ya!

Ps on the left is me longboarding and on the right is the bruises that I got from longboarding!

Dear Family...

I know that you all stay up late at night thinking about what I am doing. And I know you all are dying to know what is going on with all the many men in my life. So I thought that I would honor you in making this blog to keep you updated. I will be posting every detail possible so that you all feel as much a part of my life as you can. I will begin with today:
6:15 am- alarm one goes off I promptly trun it off
6:25 am- alarm two goes off I promptly trun it off
(forgetting there is no alarm three)
7:05 Roll over into my pool of drool and almost puke
7:07 Look at my phone and realize the time
7:08 Go to the bathroo
7:09 brush my teeth
7:11 put on a pair of jeans and Jeds old shirt that has a huge eye ball on it
7:20 put my hair into a ridiculously scary ponytail
7:25 walk briskly to the Smith building
7:35 Enter Smith building
7:36 start walking up stars
7: 36 out of breath
7:37 still walking up stairs still out of breath
7:40 panting when walking into class

haha what if I did this all day... you guys would love it! haha but seriously you would!

ps this really was my morning no joke