Do you know what a buffet table is? I didn't. Well not really, but apparently you have them in your dining room and keep your fancy dishes, table cloths, and napkins in. Even though I didn't really know what I would use this piece of furniture for I had to have it when I saw it. It had this charming character and the fact that it was an antique made me love it more.

The lady selling it was leaving town..fast..because of a insane roommate (I love the people that you meet on craigslist and their crazy stories). She sold it to us for a steal of 30$, but sadly when we got it home it was bigger than I had thought and we really had no space for it. After a few weeks of storing it we decided to sell, it took a few weeks for someone to buy it, but the nice family that bought it loved it just as much as me.

buffet table: 30$ (craigslist)
cost of refinishing: 0$
sold: 130$

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Angie Pangie said...

You and Jed have the most insane luck.

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