I love old fashion, hand written, letters. Opening a mail box and seeing one addressed to me is one of the best feelings, its like  opening a present.

For two years while Jed served a mission I was lucky enough to open a letter every week. Jed was great at writing me, I believe that through the whole two years he was gone he only missed one week, and made up for my doubling up others. I was pretty good at writing him too, but missed more than just one week.

The other day Jed came home with a big binder that had every single one of my letters that I wrote him. They were neatly organized with page protectors, all in order. It was fun to go through and read the silly/lovey/sad things that I wrote about and brought back so many memories.  We then got out all my letters that Jed wrote to me (which were not so organized).

These letters are so special to me. I am so glad that Jed and I both kept them, they will be something that we will keep always and something our kids will be able to read and laugh at. They also reminded me about how much Jed and I have gone through and how lucky we are that we get to be together forever!

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Ryan & Courtney said...

This is soo cute!!! I love it!
That is soo special!
I wonder how many of your letters you talk about me :) haha, just kidding

Angie Pangie said...

You should make them into a book...kinda like what Jenny did with my blog. But....it would also take away some authenticity from it.

Jenny said...

wow thats sweet! Mom has binders with all my mission letters and emails...somehow thats not as cute as yours haha :)

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