favorite word

By far my favorite word is FREE. I love getting and finding things for free; it instantly puts me in a good mood. Especially when in the end we make money off of something free.

This summer Jed is working for a pest control company, so each day he goes into peoples homes and gets to snoop into all there things. He sees some pretty cool stuff and some disgusting stuff. One day he was in a garage and noticed this table that he really liked and commented to the owner about it; who in turn asked if he wanted it.. for free. So later that night we went over and picked up our sweet table along with lots of other great stuff she just wanted to get rid of.

So I really did like the table but not as much as the one Jed redid for me (here). So we did the next best thing and sold it to a sweet couple on craigslist for 180 bucks!

table/6chairs: FREE (sweet lady)
cost of refinishing: 0$
sold: 180$

And that is why I love the word FREE.


Wishing I was with these girls playing and having fun; instead of stuck in my tiny office with no windows doing boring paperwork all day...



Last weekend Jed and I played hooky from work and went with the family to beautiful Ruidoso. The resort that we stayed at was so fantastic; it had tennis courts, a swimming pool, golf course, a lake that you could fish at, and lots of deer running around. It was so much fun to see family that lives all over the world and be together for a few days.


something pretty

 Jed and I awhile back had NO furniture. Zero. Not a bed, couch, table, chairs.. really anything (joy's of being newlyweds). And in a matter of weeks we have stockpiled our new apartment; thanks to thrift stores and Craigslist.

This kitchen table was one of the first items we scored and with some paint, stain, and time we made it into our first beauty.

table and four chairs: $90

total: $101



My little BIG brother left for his mission today and I am so proud of him! He is a great example to my whole family and I know that he will be a great missionary. I am a little sad... sad I won't be able to see or talk to him for two years.. sad that he won't be here to carry me... sad I won't have a baby brother to boss around and play with. But I am even more happy... happy for the experiences he'll have.. happy for the people he'll meet and teach.. happy for the lives he'll change.


off. finally.

Very rarely do Jed and I have a day off together that is not Sunday. Actually since moving home its only happened twice. Which is basically a crime.

But yesterday we both had the 4th off and it was great. We slept in (which also happens rarely), went shopping; which is one of my favorite things to do. And then ate a birthday lunch for Jed with his family at 5 Guys.

Our plan was to go to the movies to see Water for Elephants, but instead we got the bright idea to go home and clean. With the intent to finally clean/unpack/put together our office/sewing/painting/crafting room (which has been put off for the past two months). It was actually quite fun, Jed convinced me that we needed to buy this cute/modern futon from Target and I convinced Jed that we needed 40$ fabric to make curtains (marriage is all about convincing).