My black thumb

This is totally me except I am the boy!! I love the the idea of gardening and my mom is a pro gardener so you think it would be in my blood...well i guess its just one of those things that skip a generation. Last year I attempted my first garden (a container one), it failed MISERABLY!!!! By week three they were just a pile of dried out dead plants. I guess watering is essential everyday not just the days you remember huh? 

Well, one of the reasons that we bought our house is that it sits on a .45 acre, which means we have a HUGE backyard. And with my mom near by I had no excuses to not try and start a garden this year. I am determined to make is work and change this black thumb into a green thumb!

Here is how the garden making went...

We started with a huge space covered with a TON of rock (our whole back yard is covered in rock with that nasty black plastic underneath. What were the previous owners thinking!!). Then we spent the next 4 hours shoveling out the space we wanted to use (yes it did take that long, and yes I did want to die).

We had some old random wooden beams on the other side of the yard that we moved over to edge out the garden. Then we poured a ton of manure and mixed it all in the dirt (sorry I don't know all the gardening lingo).  Finally we planted some plants: tomatoes, eggplant, carrots, cucumber, onion, water melon and cantaloupe. We only ended up using about 3/4 of the garden space which was fine with me (less work).

The fencing around the garden is just some garden posts my mom had. So far everything is going good. Its been about 3 weeks since we planted and so far nothing is dead yet! Carter is LOVING the garden, he thinks its is the coolest thing ever and always is wanted to "help" water the plants.  Here's to hoping that this year is better than last year!!!!

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mid mod

Remember this piece from last week? Well I fell in love with it and had planned to keep it for myself, but on a whim decided to put it on Craigslist just to see what would happen. And it sold! I'm not sure if I am happy that its gone or a little devastated. I really thought that no one would buy it because of the price, but sure enough someone else fell in love too. 

The dresser sold so quickly that I wasn't able to get a good picture of it, so I just used the listing picture. Here is the run down: 

dresser: $30 (Craigslist)
supplies: $10
sold: $175
profit: $135 

craft and tell + cherished bliss
show me what ya got + not just a house wife 

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more junk

I spent my lunch break last Monday having the best conversation with a sweet old man that reminded me of my grandpa. He owns a used furniture store that I drive by everyday on my way to work. I finally stopped and was blown away with all the great/crappy stuff he had. He started to tell me stories of different pieces he has bought over the years and got so excited that I was interested. He ended making me a great deal on this small buffet table. I was worried that Jed was going to be annoyed that I bought another piece of junk to add to all of our clutter, but was surprised when he said he loves it.

If your ever in the Albuquerque area stop by his shop ACE Furniture

Carters Happy Birthday!

Carter turned three this May!! We had the usual cake and ice cream and had some of his besties over. We scored some great free luau decorations awhile back so he had a Hawaiian luau/dinosaur party, complete with grass skirts (all the kids hated them except for Jack who just wanted to eat it)! 


We all went in and got a Carter a swing set for his birthday!! German wasn't to happy about it, we have a park right behind our house...but this way Carter can just go right out back and I can be doing other things (while of course keeping an eye on him). He LOVES it!!! All he ever wants to do anymore is go outside and play on "his play ground".

 I cannot believe that 3 years have come and gone. It really does go by so fast. I am so blessed to have this crazy, intelligent, wild and sometime annoying (haha) little boy in my life. I honestly cant imagine my life without him and I dont want to! I LOVE YOU CARTER!!!!



Jenny and I love mid-century modern pieces and I scored this little gem for 30$ a couple weekends ago. Now I am painting it for Angie's soon to be new bedroom!! Can't wait to have spend-a-nights with her; we'll just be laughin' and screamin'! (miss you kriz)


Jed and I took a little vacation last month and I am finally getting around to posting some pictures. We went to Denver to visit Jed's sister and her adorable family. On our way up there we stayed the night in Taos. Neither of us have been there so it was fun to walk around all the hippie shops and eat good food. There was also this gorge there that was pretty and fun to walk around. I wasn't that thrilled to go, but Jed was SO excited which made it fun. It was cute to watch Jed get so excited over a whole in the ground.