Little Miss 33 weeks

It's been quite the adventure the past two weeks but I am so glad to say I am still pregnant! During my 32 week doctor visit Jed and I were told that I was in 'preterm' labor. Meaning that little miss was trying to come out! I had to spend a few hours in Labor and Delivery in triage, given a shot, and lots of medication that slowed down my contractions. I was also put on bed rest for the week.

Poor Jed, he looked so scared in the hospital room. We both were in shock and didn't really know how to act or what to say. My pregnancy had been so easy up to this point and neither of us were excepting any major complications. We felt overwhelmed and worried.

I took it easy for the week and when I went to my next appointment we were told that I was still in 'active preterm labor' but my progression had slowed, which was good news. I was put on bed rest indefinitely, it's been a little boring, and I had to quit working which was unplanned. My bosses have been very supportive and Jed and I know it's for the best.

Other than that excitement, Jed and I have been busy finishing up little miss' room. It's almost finished and I am loving how it is coming together. It's crazy to think that she'll be here so soon, we feel completely unprepared without a clue on how to take care of a baby... Which I hear is normal for first time parents!


Little Miss 32 Weeks + a shower

This last weekend my mom and sisters threw me the best baby shower. They really out did themselves on the decorations and the food. So many people came and I just felt so loved the entire day. I'm not a huge lover of parties for myself, but this one was so sweet and I just felt so blessed to have so many friends in my life that are so excited for Jed and I!

We were totally spoiled and I received so many things that I needed and wanted! I was given some of the most adorable outfits and I just know this little girl is going to be well dressed.

Angie also moved out this past weekend... I was so excited to get little miss' room ready, but at the same time didn't want Angie to leave. I miss her a lot and feel a little lonelier each evening. 

My pregnancy is still going well, just getting bigger and bigger by the day. My clients at work especially think I've gotten large

Overall I'm feel good and excited to meet this little girl!