Aren't these the sweetest faces? 

I sure do love being an aunt to such adorable kids!


Still have not stopped....failing that is.

So I couldn't do it. ("It" being the diet I embarked on on Feb 15). The first day I only lasted until that evening. I started out doing so good ... I even gave up these damn good "wa'toffles" (waffles and french toast combo) at a morning meeting. My mouth was watering all day, but I RESISTED. Then Jenny came over and brought me COOKIES. I had used up all of my self control and I ate 3 . Ahhh i'm such a disappointment to myself. The rest of the days went by in a similar fashion. So I've come to a conclusion. Either I need to stop complaining about being obese (body fat % is 37 = obese) because who feels sorry for the overweight girl who is sobbing about how she hates the way she looks, as she puts a cookie in her mouth. Or I need to actually do something about it. So I'm going to do both. I'm going to stop complaining about things that I make no effort in changing. And I am going to keep trying harder and harder to put good foods in my mouth and leave the delicious ones out, but I am not going to write about it. Maybe someday...and it would be nice if this "someday" wasn't too far away...like before summer.... I will get back on here and write a post about how successful I have been! Cross your fingers for me.

Oh...but there is one tiny little exception. I'll tell you what my resolution for the month is...very simply.... like in 1 sentence... or maybe two.

March: Complete 10 sprint workouts

BTW I hate sprinting.

Angie :)