Jed surprised me with a sewing table a few months ago that he found at a thrift store in town. He made my little brother go with him to pick it up and hid it at his parents house cute. He purchased the table and chair for only $10 bucks! When I saw it  I instantly liked it but it needed a lot of work.

(Every time I forget to take 'before' pictures I get annoyed at myself; I think they are the best part)

Since Jed and I are new at this whole world of refinishing we tend to make lots of mistakes. We end up buying too little paint, wrong sized knobs/pulls, and make a trillion trips to Lowes. All of which happened with this desk. In the end it turned out, but we spent a lot more money than we would have like to. Oh well, the lady who bought it was very nice and she loved the color!

desk/chair: $10 thrift store
paint: $10
knobs/pulls: $15
supplies: $5 
sold: $80
profit: $40 

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Angie Pangie said...

Why did you sell it when it was a present?!

My favorite part was the circle knob.

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