Detailed Dresser

 Jed and I found this great dresser at a second hand store that we just loved. It was $60 but when we checked out the manager gave us a discount so we got it for $50! 
We just repainted, sanded, and stained. It was simple and fast. We finished it in one night, put up on Craigslist and sold it a few days later.

dresser: $50 (Savers)
stain: on hand
paint: on hand
sold: $170

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Deborah said...


Jimmy&Haylee said...

Wow! You could start your own business! I am so jealous of your creative gene. My parents forgot to give me one. So here I am, stuck with no creative skills whatsoever. Oh well, I'll just watch your blog and live vicariously through you!

Ellie said...

It's so pretty! That profit margin is awesome!

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