little miss Scarlett girl,

one half of a whole year. 6 months. that seems like a really long time. honestly it hasn't felt long, but at the same time I can't remember life without you.

you make our lives so much better, in every sense. you have the most contagious smile and love to cuddle. you still love me most, and I am a bit of a Scarlett girl hog.

I feel like the luckiest to be able to spend all my days hanging out with you every second. we are pals and I love watching you learn.

six things you learned in your six month:

1. you no longer are swaddled when you sleep, and you don't take your pacifier anymore. you are growing up.

2. you learned that you love green beans, peas, and carrots, but hate squash.

3. that you love toys. bright colored objects and things that play songs are your favorite. you get frustrated when you can't get them in your mouth, or when I take them away.

4. how to jump. you like your jumper and your toes barley reach the ground, but your able to jump around which makes you laugh.

5. Carter and Jack, you love to play with them and read books, they entertain you and give you lots of kisses. But sometimes they wake you up from naps, which makes you and me cranky.

6. you love being sung to and enjoy all the funny faces that we make. your favorite songs are: the wheels on the bus, popcorn popping, and all the rain drops

 I really hope these next 6 months slow down. love you girl.



This whole motherhood thing is hard. Harder then anyone could have ever explained, or that I could have ever understood.   My Scarlett girl is constantly on my mind; as a new mom I am always thinking, wondering, and praying on how to best take care of this tiny babe of mine. I worry if I am doing my best, if she knows how much she is loved, because man oh man I love that girl with my whole heart. 

These past few weeks have been hard. Trying to figure this "sleeping through the night" is proving much tougher than I had ever thought. At this point I would love if she would even sleep for three hours at a time, but that poor girl and me are struggling to figure it out. 

But each time I'm feeling exhausted and exasperated that little miss tugs on my heart with her contagious smile and sweet demeanor.  I have been trying to avoid that saying, "...I can't wait until.." Because I truly can wait until she gets to that next stage of her life. I never want to take for granted or miss a thing. I am really loving every second of my 5 month..soon to be 6 month old Scarlett girl. But that doesn't mean I don't get tired.. Very tired. 


Dear miss Scarlett

5 things you learned by the time you 5 months: 

1. You found your voice and make the sweetest noises. You love to babble about all the important things you're learning. Each morning when we wake up we have our morning talks.. You fill me in and update me on all your favorite things. I love to lay there and listen to your sweet high voice. 

2.  You're now my rollie pollie. You can finally roll. You know how to roll both ways, but we would never catch you rolling from back to stomach... You hate that. 

3.  You discovered your feet. You love to grab hold of them and rock back and forth. You try to suck on those baby toes, but can quite figure it out...yet. 

4. You can now go to bed on your own. Each night we go through your bed time routine: eat, bathe, lotion, sing, nurse, and then lay you down. You hardly even fuss now. (Still working on nap time)

5.  On your fifth month birthday you tried cereal for the first time. It was so fun to watch you try and eat it. You didn't each much that night, but you sure have eaten a lot every night since then. You love that mushy stuff.

You became so much more interactive and your fiesty personality is coming out. You know what you want and I love that about you. It's so neat to watch you discover the world around you. You're a very happy girl with a smile that takes over your entire face. You make my heart happy and I'm so lucky to spend my days with you.