Vitamin C.

My home gurl Vit. C definitely says it best...

As we go on... we remember all the times we've had together.... As our lives change.... come whatever...we will still be friends forever.

Good Job Angie. You've done well.



The tour is finally here!

The girls and I moved into your sweet dorm last Friday after finishing up a longgg winter semester.

-This is us returning home after our weekend Boise trip-

The dorms are so sweet it literally like living in a hotel, they provide linens and mini fridges (packed full of treats courtesy of ourselves) and tall bunk beds that you could possible fall to your death if your not careful.

The best part is living with Amber Laren Court and Kriz. I thought these two weeks weren't going to be fun, but really they have been a blast so far with easy breezy school work!

-This is Court and her married partner Isaac they were presenting on Argentina the second day of class and did AMAZING! They even had matching jerseys!... Court was getting mad at me for taking her picture during the presentation... but I was just so proud.-

-The girls going to get Horkley's... we live so close to everything we're able to ride bikes all day long everywhere-



So my friend Brandilyn has the sweeetest shop ever in Rexburg its called Panache and she does even sweeter giveaways. This week she is giving away 5 free tans and a free bottle of lotion!

Check out her blog http://panache57.blogspot.com/2010/03/giveaway-7-tan.html and enter to win!