Little Miss 27 Weeks

I am officially in my 27th week and the little one has officially found herself in my ribs. She seems to be the most active late at night and early mornings. She seems to love orange juice and hate tomatoes.. but that might just be me. At my last doctors appointment my doctor 'encouraged' me to be more active, so naturally I walked around the block twice and feel pretty proud of myself.

I hear this third trimester thing can become pretty uncomfortable. I can't really imagine my belly getting bigger, but each day it does, and my love for strechy pants is growing. Jed and I are getting more excited each week to meet this 'little miss' and I am having lots of fun stocking up on cute clothes for her to model when she gets here.

Other things lately:

1. My back window of my car got busted out last week while I was at work. Nothing was stolen, so it might have just been a hate crime. Man I hate when people hate me. 
2. Jed is OBSESSED with Settlers of Catan. I played this game once with my bff Kris and her family over a holiday break in college. Then when Jed and I got married I asked if we could buy it and he made fun of me saying, only weirdo Mormon kids play that game. Well I bought it anyways and now Jed is crazy for it. Seriously he wants to play it all the time. I let my sister take it to her friends house over the weekend and he acted like I sold our dog. heartbroken.
Jed on New Years Eve. We. Are. Party. Animals.


buffet love

 I scored this awesome buffet table off of Craigslist a couple months ago. Craigslist had been pretty bare the last few months, but when I saw this beauty for only $40 I sent Jed straight over to pick it up.

It had really think layers of paint and even after sanding it down we never found the true wood grain. I chose a bolder Coral color by Valspar and antique rusted knobs from Hobby Lobby.

Aren't these legs awesome?
We weren't quite finished with this when my sister, mom, and I decided to do our first craft fair. We decided the buffet was a great addition to our booth so I had Jed and my dad haul it over and we used it to display some of our products.

At the craft fair I met such a nice lady selling Rice Doll's from Belize. I ended up buying two doll's and she ended up buying my buffet table. She had to convince her husband a little because the color was a little 'girly' in his mind. But in the end she went home happy with a new piece of furniture and I went home with a little more cash.

I really didn't think that it would sell at the craft fair so I didn't take any pictures of it before we left. Which kinda annoys me because now I only have these grainy cell phone snapshots that my sister and I took. 
buffet: $40 (Craigslist)
paint/primer: $16(Valspar via Lowes)
wood filler: on hand
knobs: $21 via Hobby Lobby
total: $77


little miss

Jed and I are beyond excited to be having a baby!  Well he's not having a baby, I am.. and he gets a free ride while I do all the hard work. I really am not complaining though.. this little girl has made it so easy on me and I'm extremely grateful. I haven't been sick once and overall feel pretty great. I do get tired, but I think I can now just complain about how tired I am and get more sympathy. I am officially 23 weeks and am due May 4th.

The best parts of being pregnant so far...
(in no particular order)

1. I now have two votes and win every argument about where to eat, what to watch, how much space I need on the couch/bed.

2. No one comments on how much I eat or how often. If I want a cheeseburger right after having Taco Bell Jed acts like its completely logical and not disgusting at all.

3. Being able to feel little miss kick and move. She is an active little girl and I love being able to feel her throughout the day and night.

4. Having Jed worry and take care of me. It is so nice to know that he loves me.