Updated Living Room

I'm a little embarrassed to post my before pictures of my living room. They aren't even the original pictures... they are more like half way before pictures. At this stage I had already painted the wide horizontal stripes (tutorial here) to try and hide the humongous blank wall taking over our living room. In hindsight I think the stripes made the wall look even bigger and blanker.

The room started to come together when I scored this awesome buffet and turned it into our current entertainment center. After that I was given (which means they were FREE!!) book cases, and decided to try for a more built in entertainment center look.

The book cases were sturdy and solid, but not quite the right color or look I was going for.

I painted them the same color as the buffet/entertainment center and then wall papered the backs with an ivory damask Allen Roth design that I purchased from Lowes. This was my first time working with wall paper and I loved it. It gave them great texture and dimension.

I love the way it came together and how it gives my big blank wall character. It has also bee a blast organizing all my books and knick knacks to put them on display!

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vacations...they're the best.

  Just got back from a much needed vacation with my best friends.. days were spent shopping, laughing, eating, talking, and just being happy. Miss these girls so much and can't wait for our next trip!