marhaba (hi.)

I told Peggy that I didn't want to write my bio today.  She didn't listen.  I had a good excuse too... I found out some super bad news today (the boy I love doesn't love me back.  And when I say "love" I really mean "like") and so thus I am not in the most optimistic/positive/happy mood.  She didn't care.  So now I'm gonna blame her for this negative post.  But to be honest I'm kinda a negative person anyways, but in a really positive way.  Now down to business.  I'm the third sister (well really the second, but sometimes i feel like the youngest....probably because I am the least responsible and my life is the least put together).  I've only had a blog once before - for 4 months I kept one when I lived in the Middle East (as a student, not as part of the military).  Some people have asked me to continue.  I haven't.  But now I guess I will.  I am the least creative of us three.  So you'll probably never see me actually making anything.... but I sure like to buy things for them to fix/make.  I am passionate about a few things though....losing weight (have been ever since my doctor told me I was "border line obese"...referred to as BLO because its kinda embarrassing to tell people).  Oh and dressing for my BLO body type...well I need to be more passionate about that because I don't ever look very good.  I also love going on traveling adventures.  I've been to Mexico, Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, Netherlands, Switzerland, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Palestine and I really want to keep adding to the list.  But more so than international travel I actually want to see my own country.  So I'm gonna talk about my travels in the United States of America. Hmm I think that's it for my rambling (Peggy just had a looksies over and commented on how long this is).  So I'll end with my stats: 25 years old. Graduated with a bachelors in Middle Eastern Studies and Arabic. Single.


Hello there...

I'm Jenny, Peggys older sister from Playing House For Reals . We have both come to realize that our posts are almost always the same, due to fact that her camera rocks and mine doesn't and that my kids are the cutest most beautiful babies in the world!!! Sorry proud mama moment, don't judge me we all have them! AND given that they are so cute and she is the one with the great camera, she posts all my ideas before I can. SOOOO....we decided to come together!!!! "Let's get together, yeah yeah yeah. Why don't you and I combine? Let's get together, what do you say? We can have a swinging time. We'd be a crazy team!"


Jed and I went to a Halloween party and dressed up as Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy. It was the simplest costume that we could come up with. We had everything besides the socks and then I made my wig using this great yarn wig tutorial. The tutorial is for a child but I just changed the measurements and it worked great.

Neither Jed or I really like Halloween, but it was fun to dress up. And its always cute to see so many great kiddos dressed up in their costumes; especially my adorable nephew Jack as a Monster.


road trip

Jed and I went South for the weekend and visited my favorite city in the world, Truth or Consequences, my grandparents, Mexico (practically), and of course went shopping. It was great fun!
classy hotel we stayed at
handsome husband

favorite place in T or C

delicious vegetarian breakfast
yummy Mexican restaurant

My grandma and me.. she let me do her makeup!
line of people trying to get into America


Day trip

This weekend we took a little trip to the Jemez Mountains and had a family picnic. The weather was great and it was so pretty out there, with the tall trees and all the different colored leaves. We had fun eating, hiking, and taking lots of pictures!

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Baby Jack's Blessing

My sister and her adorable family
Isn't he just the chubbiest cutest baby?
Just missing Quinn...

Bow Ties

Saturday morning I spent my time trying to make bow ties for my nephews. Baby Jack was being blessed in church on Sunday and my sister wanted to have something matching for the boys.
Supplies: fabric, Velcro, hot glue, scissors, sewing machine, and an iron
I made two different sizes: baby & toddler

They were fairly easy to make and I am happy with the results. Here is a link to the tutorial I used: Bow Ties.



 Fall is my favorite season. I love the chilly weather and the need for sweaters. We took advantage of the first days of October and went for a walk by the river yesterday after work/school. It was lovely.
I have a cute boyfriend.
Of course I wore the wrong shoes.

Now I am at work and so excited that its Good Friday, meaning payday!


Craft Time

twig wreath: 2.50$ sale
felt: 1.50$
all other supplies on hand
total: 4$

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