Jed and I bought ourselves a new present...

A new iPad! We love it.

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During my lunch break last week I stopped at one of the many many thrift stores that I have had my eye on. (One benefit of driving 45 min. into town everyday for work is that you find all sorts of stores you never knew existed!) I especially like this store The Attic because all of the proceeds go to a homeless shelter for women and children. 
And of course I found something that I just fell in love with and HAD to buy because I NEEDED it. This old radio/record player from the 50's that actually WORKS. I also knew that Jed would let me buy it because he too thinks we NEED a record player. 

We were so excited to get it home on Saturday (thanks dad for hauling it!) that we spent that whole night refinishing it. Jed even went with me to the fabric store, which he hates to do.

radio/record player: 75$ The Attic 
paint: $15
knob: $5
fabric: 12$
total: 107$


Craft Time

I love wreaths but I don't love the store prices of them. I have been wanting one to cover up our ugly front door and finally got around to making one. It was super easy and got the idea off of wonderful Pintrest.



Craft Time

A few weeks ago I was made the Young Women President in the Spanish branch that Jed and I go to, which means I have even more reason to spend money on craft supplies (Jed is so excited). I made these handouts for my girls last Sunday. I got the idea off of the cutest blog Little Miss Suzy Q. The girls really liked them and It was fun to finally learn how to make gift boxes. 



My beautiful sister Jenny turned 27 this last Wednesday and we had a little family fondue dinner to celebrate.

 Birthday Girl!
 Carter was so excited for cake
Jenny was getting frustrated that they were trick candles, especially since she was wishing for one good night of uninterrupted sleep!

Jenny is the absolute best and I love her so much! She is a great mom with the most adorable little boys, I hope one day when I am a mom and can be like her! Its been over six years since I've been home to celebrate with her and I am so glad I was!



I was so looking forward to leaving, going somewhere cool, for the long weekend. But then it turned out that Jed and I didn't really have a long weekend, we both worked Saturday and then had to be at church on Sunday. So we did then next best thing and found the neatest hotel in downtown ABQ and went on a vacation in the same town that we live in.

Some might think that's wasteful when we have a bed about twenty miles away for free, but it was nice to just pretend that we were some place else, even if it was only for about 24 hours.

 The hotel we stayed at was so neat. It was actually just renovated a year ago and before it was a hotel it was a Mental Hospital!! haha Jed and I thought that was pretty cool. It was decorated exactly how I want my future home to be and had the most amazing view of down town at night.
(pictures via hotel parq central website)


pictures of lately.

 i love this picture of my dad holding Carter by the pants as they watch utube videos
 Carter loves to smile goofy.. its adorable.
 Jed's first day of school. What a smart boy.
 Carter at the local farmers market with his softie.
beautiful baby Jack. We love him.

(as you can tell by the pictures I am obsessed with my boys)