baby room + dresser

We finished this dresser months ago, and when no one wanted to buy it off Craigslist I decided to keep it for myself! I love the look and the caster wheels give it so much character. So we held on to it with the idea of using it in the baby's room after we found out that I was pregnant.

When Angie moved out and we started to put the babies room together, I started to have second thoughts on the dresser. Which is no surprise, I have the hardest time committing to anything lately. I am such an indecisive person, but add in pregnancy hormones and its nearly impossible to make any type of decision with any lasting commitment. annoying. 

I went on the hunt for another dresser and Craigslist totally pulled through for me! I found the exact style I was looking for, in our price range, and the family selling it lived 5 minutes away! Talk about seriously lucking out.

I of course forgot to take any before pictures of the dresser in all of its polyurethane glory. Jed snapped these on his iPhone while he was working on it. 

Jed was totally impressive and spent his entire Saturday sanding it down and then we stained it together that night. So in practically one afternoon Jed transformed it from a beat up old thing to the perfect dresser for little miss. Pretty great guy.

Dresser: $50 (Craigslist)
Stain: $4.50 (mini wax color special walnut  via Lowes)
Stripper: on hand
Sanding supplies: on hand

Total: $54.50

As for the first dresser we ended up selling it the next weekend to my mother in law! It goes perfectly in her guest bedroom and made it way easier to part with knowing that she liked it so much!


Little Miss 35 and 36 weeks

+I can no longer see my feet

+She kicks and stretches all day and I love it

+Our diet recently consists of cereal and grilled cheese

+We are SOOO close to 37 weeks and being full term! Yay

+My nephew Carter (3 years old) is convinced I have 10 babies in my 'tummy' consisting of girls, boys, AND puppies... thanks Angie...

+I have a LONG 'to do list' to complete hopefully BEFORE little miss gets here, but..... I'm lazy.


Little MIss 34 Weeks

Things I learned and did this week:

+I am on bed rest still. Which is good because it means I am still pregnant!

+My belly is officially huge; meaning that its big enough to rest on my thighs when sitting down.

+I finally have pregnancy heart burn... and man does it burn.

+I found out that little miss loves to be read to. She twists and turns when you read aloud.

+She doesn't like it when I move, walk, turn, or really any type of movement. I think she's a lazy girl.

+I packed my hospital bag this week. Just incase she makes her grand appearance early, we'll be semi ready.

+We also took a tour of the hospital and Jed and I are both so glad that we only live 5 minutes away!