Scrub a dub dub... one dog in the tub!

Poor little rubybooby... she was looking a little tattered and torn since being at our house. Maybe it has to do with her encounters with Little Mo or her extended periods of stay out side. But her curls were no longer curls and she was beginning to smell like a dog so I decided to give her a bath... In Quinn's tub! I couldn't find her shampoo so I used Quinn's American Crew soap and now she looks like a precious little princess.

I don't think she really liked the bath all to well... but she did like drying off.


Green Thumb

I woke up this morning and thought to my self... Today is a great day to pick some strawberries. So I walked out to my backyard and picked and picked. It was amazing to think that my mom grew these and now I got the pleasure of reaping her rewards. I picked for a good half hour and there are still hundreds out there that aren't quite ripe. But while I was enjoying mother nature I remembered a distinct memory of my older sister three summers ago.

Angie decided to garden.
Ever since I was little I remember my mom having a garden. She also had three girls and none of us picked it up. We would always start our own gardens and then halfway through the summer my mom was the one taking care of it.
I stood starring out the window at my nineteen year old sister Angie on all fours bent over my mothers espargus garden thinking... thats weird I haven't seen Angie work outside in... well forever. As I watched what she was doing I realized that one by one Angie grabbed an espargus plant and then ripped it out of the ground. I watched as she pulled the second and placed it into her growing pile.

"Mom... what's Angie doing?"
My mom walked over and peered out. When she realized what Angie was doing to her poor little garden she rushed outside and asked Angie what she thought she was doing.
"I pulling weeds mom!"