This whole motherhood thing is hard. Harder then anyone could have ever explained, or that I could have ever understood.   My Scarlett girl is constantly on my mind; as a new mom I am always thinking, wondering, and praying on how to best take care of this tiny babe of mine. I worry if I am doing my best, if she knows how much she is loved, because man oh man I love that girl with my whole heart. 

These past few weeks have been hard. Trying to figure this "sleeping through the night" is proving much tougher than I had ever thought. At this point I would love if she would even sleep for three hours at a time, but that poor girl and me are struggling to figure it out. 

But each time I'm feeling exhausted and exasperated that little miss tugs on my heart with her contagious smile and sweet demeanor.  I have been trying to avoid that saying, "...I can't wait until.." Because I truly can wait until she gets to that next stage of her life. I never want to take for granted or miss a thing. I am really loving every second of my 5 month..soon to be 6 month old Scarlett girl. But that doesn't mean I don't get tired.. Very tired. 

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