little miss Scarlett girl,

one half of a whole year. 6 months. that seems like a really long time. honestly it hasn't felt long, but at the same time I can't remember life without you.

you make our lives so much better, in every sense. you have the most contagious smile and love to cuddle. you still love me most, and I am a bit of a Scarlett girl hog.

I feel like the luckiest to be able to spend all my days hanging out with you every second. we are pals and I love watching you learn.

six things you learned in your six month:

1. you no longer are swaddled when you sleep, and you don't take your pacifier anymore. you are growing up.

2. you learned that you love green beans, peas, and carrots, but hate squash.

3. that you love toys. bright colored objects and things that play songs are your favorite. you get frustrated when you can't get them in your mouth, or when I take them away.

4. how to jump. you like your jumper and your toes barley reach the ground, but your able to jump around which makes you laugh.

5. Carter and Jack, you love to play with them and read books, they entertain you and give you lots of kisses. But sometimes they wake you up from naps, which makes you and me cranky.

6. you love being sung to and enjoy all the funny faces that we make. your favorite songs are: the wheels on the bus, popcorn popping, and all the rain drops

 I really hope these next 6 months slow down. love you girl.

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