Dear miss Scarlett

5 things you learned by the time you 5 months: 

1. You found your voice and make the sweetest noises. You love to babble about all the important things you're learning. Each morning when we wake up we have our morning talks.. You fill me in and update me on all your favorite things. I love to lay there and listen to your sweet high voice. 

2.  You're now my rollie pollie. You can finally roll. You know how to roll both ways, but we would never catch you rolling from back to stomach... You hate that. 

3.  You discovered your feet. You love to grab hold of them and rock back and forth. You try to suck on those baby toes, but can quite figure it out...yet. 

4. You can now go to bed on your own. Each night we go through your bed time routine: eat, bathe, lotion, sing, nurse, and then lay you down. You hardly even fuss now. (Still working on nap time)

5.  On your fifth month birthday you tried cereal for the first time. It was so fun to watch you try and eat it. You didn't each much that night, but you sure have eaten a lot every night since then. You love that mushy stuff.

You became so much more interactive and your fiesty personality is coming out. You know what you want and I love that about you. It's so neat to watch you discover the world around you. You're a very happy girl with a smile that takes over your entire face. You make my heart happy and I'm so lucky to spend my days with you. 

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