Dear Scarlett girl,

Four Months. I think I blinked twice before this happened. So quickly you've grown. I'm enjoying every second of you, and watching you develop your own unique personality. 

4 things that I've learned and love about you at 4 months:

1. You are a flirt. You love to make 'eyes' and smile at the boys. (But mostly just for your daddy so it's okay). 

2. You wake up such a happy girl. You smile and love to cuddle, for about 10 minutes then you're like "FEED ME NOW!!!" 

3. You love AND like me. Which is possible the best feeling in the world. I love that you're a mamas girl. I love that I am the one that you want when you're sleepy, sad, or even happy. We love each other and it's great. 

4. You are completely content being carried in your Bjorne baby pack. You love people watching and smiling at strangers. You'll spend hours in it without making a peep. 

Part of me hates that you are four months. Part of me is desperate to be able to turn back time and  try to soak up more time with my newborn Scarlett. Part of me is anxious that I'll forget, that I won't be able to remember your tiny fingers and toes, your smushed face, wrinkly neck, and hairy bum. Or our late night feedings, just you and me. 

But you know what? A bigger part of me is excited. Not excited for what's to come, but really excited for what's here right now. That is what you are teaching me, Scarlett girl, to love what is happening right now in this moment. Watching you try so hard to learn and discover is making me one proud mama. 

I love you at four months. 

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Lindsay Gillon said...

so cute peggy. you inspire me! ah. I can't wait for our lil gals to meet each other some day soon enough!

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