Presents are great and frankly I was pretty spoiled this year. Jed and I aren't really good at keeping things a secret and so we ended up opening all of our presents by Christmas Eve; which for us was quite fun. 

But the best present  was being able to talk/Skype my little brother. He is serving a mission for our church in Washington D.C. and we haven't to talk to him since he left in July. He is doing great and it was fun to hear stories from his mission. We miss him so much, but are happy that he is helping so many people and learning so much.
Love you Quinn!

Quinn Skyping at investigators home
The whole family trying to squeeze in front of the computer

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Kristyne said...

oh my gosh this is so cute. i love quinn!

Ryan & Courtney said...

Quinn looks soo happy! Peggy is that your Imac?!! I wanna know what you got for Christmas!

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