Jed and I  celebrated our first anniversary last week! Life seems like it was a blur this last year.. so much has happened and changed. 

-We moved into our first tiny apartment together in Rexburg
-I graduated college with my two best friends (that I miss a whole lot)
-We moved to New Mexico and into are second apartment
-I started my first 'grown up' job as a social worker
(I guess that isn't too much stuff, it just seems like a life time ago that I was in Idaho with all my friends)

To celebrate the day we slept in. It was amazing. And then went to the park and played. It was fun. We also got dinner at the Melting Pot. It was delicious.

Being married was and still is a whole new world. You have to agree and compromise and take into consideration someone else's feelings. Which doesn't sound too bad, but man did it throw me for a loop. 

But even though it's so different; it is so great. My top three favorite things about being married are: 

1. always having a friend. Its great to always have someone to hangout with; and you never have to think about what you are going to do on the weekend because they are there.

2. Opening up the fridge and knowing that all that food is yours. During college it was always hard to share a fridge with 5 other girls. We would all buy food and then it would get lost and by the time you found/remember what you had it was rotten.
3. Getting to hangout with Jed everyday. While we were dating it seemed like we were always in separate places; either one of us would be at college, or in New Mexico, or he was on his mission. I always miss seeing him and just wish that we could be in the same place.

I just love Jed a whole lot I might be some what obsessive and am so glad that we are married and get to spend the rest of our lives together.

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Ryan & Courtney said...

This is adorable Peggy!!! LOved the whole post and I love that second picture of you guys, sooo cute! I miss living with you girls too, but I agree marriage is pretty great. Glad you two are just loving life, congrats on making it a year, I miss you!

Jimmy&Haylee said...

So stinking cute! Congratulations!!!

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