I hate endings. I think that is why I hate New Years. And my Birthday. But seeing how its January 1st, 2012 lets talk about why I hate the ending of a year. Because its over. It will never come again. (annnd yes that is me, Captain Obvious). Enter feelings of nostoligia that will bring on depressing feelings. I know I'm such a 'cup half empty' type of person. The argument of "But its a new BEGINNING!" doesn't work with me either because I'm not too found of starting things either. I like the middle. Thats probably why summer is in the middle of the year - because its the happiest season. But thats neither here nor there. Right now I'm in a funk. A 'we just lost 2011 and I don't know what to do with myself' funk. I guess I should make a resolution. Its been on the back of my mind to make one, but I haven't given it that much time in the front of my mind. But I think i've decided. Instead of doing a yearly resolution (which is just way too big of a time commitment) I am going to do monthly resolutions. Because really we can all do something for 30...31...28 days. That is quite possible. So....

January's Resolution (singular):

Drink a Green Smoothie every day.

I thought of doing something more profound, like solve my organization's financial crisis or maybe getting my personal life back on track. But then I thought that maybe I should start small....not get ahead of myself...i'm really not an overachiever (fixing that maybe should be October 2012's resolution).


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