Starting CrossFit

So this past Monday Peggy, Mom, and me started CrossFit!!! And so now we all look like this.....
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Lies. We don't. Well at least not yet. But maybe we will. Probably not though because we can't walk around photo shopped...

Allow me to go on one tiny tangent. Real life girls will never look like girls in the pictures! Even our INSTRUCTOR who is obviously super fit doesn't have a body like the ones in the magazines. Unattainable. UNATTAINABLE. Love this picture (found on pinterest.com)

because really this is what we all do.... ridiculous really.

So now we are going to try to be healthy. To mold our bodies into something completely imperfect, but something that we can be proud of. I want what every girl wants.... To eat without getting fat. But obviously that didn't happen and so now I am here.... BLO..... and needing a change and I hope that CrossFit is that change that will snowball into something great.

So lets talk about the CrossFit experience. First of all its not as bad as you think its gonna be. Its more fun. Its not as hard. Yet, still hard. I'm sore and a little tight. I haven't thrown up... nor has anyone else in our classes (and we are all newbies). Our first workout I finished in 24 minutes and the second was finished in 20 minutes (not including the warm up or cool down). Its intense, but I think I could handle more. Except for "Burpees" - I can't handle anymore of those. Burpees KILLED me last night. A Burpee is when you go from standing up to the plank position (your hands and feet are supposed to touch the ground at the same time), and then you do a push up and then you jump your feet to your hands and then do a jump jumping jack. IMPOSSIBLE. At least for now.

I'm excited about this new work out. I'm excited that my body is sore. I'm ready for a change. I'm ready to be in a "normal" weight bracket.

So here are our "before" pictures. We obviously forgot to take them in the privacy of our own home and so had to do an impromptu K-Mart photo shoot....


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