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OK , so I know that almost everyone out there wants/needs to loose weight. You have a couple options...

1. pay for a gym membership or exercise classes
2. Try to have the self discipline to do it on your own

Believe me I am all for those gym memberships and classes but when your on a strict budget (ie dirt poor) that is not an option. Sooo I need to have the will power and discipline on my own. I've heard numerous time that you can get the same results at home that you can in a gym...I'm going to put that to the test.

Have you ever heard of a gym called CrossFit?? Well I dont know to much about it, but what I do know is that it is AMAZING and gets you results.

Yah, crazy cool right?? So my Mom and sisters have all bought a month pass to the CrossFit in our area and started yesterday. So, while they do that I will be trying out this...

I've also heard that this gets you results too, I guess we'll find out. I'm about 11 1/2 weeks postpartum and need/want to loose about 30lbs. I know that that is not going to happen in a month but this should be a good jump start. We'll up date and let you guys in on how we are doing and in the end find out which way is better! i do understand that everyones body is different, but just for fun lets see what happens.

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PeggyJean said...

I'm going to kick your trash!

Lindsay said...

So, I can totally relate to this. I did a trial month gym membership--and it was great, but the main thing it did for me was to get motivated. I actually bought that DVD you mentioned and LOVE it. It's a great work out! I feel really worn out when I am done, it's non-stop movement for 30 minutes! Good luck with it--you'll do great!

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