off. finally.

Very rarely do Jed and I have a day off together that is not Sunday. Actually since moving home its only happened twice. Which is basically a crime.

But yesterday we both had the 4th off and it was great. We slept in (which also happens rarely), went shopping; which is one of my favorite things to do. And then ate a birthday lunch for Jed with his family at 5 Guys.

Our plan was to go to the movies to see Water for Elephants, but instead we got the bright idea to go home and clean. With the intent to finally clean/unpack/put together our office/sewing/painting/crafting room (which has been put off for the past two months). It was actually quite fun, Jed convinced me that we needed to buy this cute/modern futon from Target and I convinced Jed that we needed 40$ fabric to make curtains (marriage is all about convincing).

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Kristyne said...

i love it! and i can tell that your cute room is calling me to come sleep on your new futon.

Kylea Zmoos said...

cute room. love the yellow.
i so wish we could come up and hang out. our work hours seriously suck. i usually work at night.. and zach works during the day! we will see each other before this summer is over tho!
i hope all is gong well!
be lucky you dont have to go back to rexburg

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