Twenty-Two use to be my favorite number when I was little, I use to think I would never be that old and now that I am I don't feel old at all. I actually still feel like a little kid.

My Birthday was so much fun, I had to work; which seems like kinda a drag, but I like my job. And after work I had dinner with my family at my favorite restaurant in NM. The best part was walking in and Carter running up to me yelling "Happy Birthday Piggies! Happy Birthday!" and then he gave me THREE kisses on the lips. Jenny told me that she had been practicing that with him all day. He loves to say happy birthday but always says 'happy birthday Carter' because he doesn't really understand that it isn't his birthday.

After dinner Jed and I went to the mall where I bought anything and everything I wanted. Seriously it was a girls dream come true. Jed was such a good sport while I tried on outfit after outfit asking 'how does this look' and 'which do you like more?' Jed also carried all the bags, which made me feel somewhat uncomfortable and look extremely lazy, but he wouldn't let me help. So I was basically on a shopping spree with my own personal servant following me around paying and carrying everything!

Then we went to my parents house where my sister had made these delicious cupcakes in a ice cream cone and where I listen to Carter sing Happy Birthday to me/himself singing 'happy birthday dear.. Carter!' and blew out my candle.

The day was perfect.

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Whitney and Jordan said...

Happy Birthday Peggy!!!

Angie Pangie said...

I always thought that 22 was the coolest age too. And 11. 33 though just sounds ancient. I loved your Birthday too!

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