So I haven't blogged in forever, primarily because I feel like the people I use to blog for I now see everyday... so whats the use? But I decided that I like blogging because I enjoy it... so I guess I will!

I love being home. It has been so great being back around family and playing with Carter each day! It is so cute Carter calls me "Piggies" and Jed "Shed" or "Sh*t" depending on how he pronounces it. He loves taking pictures, but hasn't quite learned how to smile for the camera. Angie and I took about 100 snapshots on photobucket and this is the best we could come up with...

Jed and I started a new little hobby last semester right after we got married of refinishing old used furniture. It started out with very small projects to compliment our tiny tiny apartment back up in Idaho, and then when we moved to NM we started bigger ones to fill up our new condo that is enormous to us. Surprisingly we filled it up quite quickly with great finds from local thrift stores and our favorite Craigslist, but I love to shop and I love it even more if I can get a good deal on something so I kept buying furniture. Jed and I decided that this will be a hobby that we would keep and just re-sale the new used redone furniture. Since we have started we sold enough and made enough profit to buy this baby!

I am so excited! I have wanted a nice camera for a long time now. I have no idea how to use it, but am excited to learn. I wanted something to capture all the great things that Jed and I get to do, and all the adorable pictures I can get of Carter is a plus too!

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Whitney and Jordan said...

Peggy! You can still update for your friends in IDAHO! where are you working? what is new? I MISS YOU!

Kristyne said...

that is so fun you got a camera! and i can't believe how big carter is getting.

german&jenny said...

I LOVE that you are home now too!!!!Life is SO much better!

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