I've been in a rut lately.. for a lot of reasons, but mostly for lack of motivation. Jed and I live in such a small apartment that redoing furniture sometimes becomes more on an inconvenience then actually fun. When we get a new piece of furniture it kinda turns our apartment upside down until its finished and sold.

But we have started up again and are working on a new piece that I love and and am trying to convince Jed that we need.. he's not buying it.

But before that I wanted to show off a Mid-Century Modern Dresser and Nightstand that we redid a couple of months ago. I love this style and wish I had more of it in my own home.

Apparently I am super lazy and didn't take before pictures... or during, because I can't find any. I do know that the stain is Natural Oak by Miniwax and the drawer fronts are painted with Olympic Pegsus White

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