Weekend Finds

Jed got a got a new job! Hooray! He is now working at Fidelity Investments and the best part is... he gets weekends off! It has been great to actually be able to get things done on Saturday's now and actually see each other in daylight. This last weekend we went all over the town garage sale-ing, thrift store hunting, flea market finding, and finally ended up deciding that Craigslist is where its at.  We had zero luck at all the places around town, but scored on two great finds by doing our usual Craigslist searches. 

The first is a great antique dresser that is really quite huge. I love the shape and I adore the caster wheels on the bottom. I think that this will be our biggest project yet because of the previous paint job and the chipping of the veneer. I ordered my first quart of Annie Sloan's chalk paint and can't wait to try it out on this.

 The second was a steal of a deal that a guy had for sale about 2 minutes from our house. It's a mid century modern wonder of a dresser that also is need of quite a bit of TLC.

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Whitney said...

You inspire me! Can't wait to see them done!!!

Peggy Jean said...

Whit you are the sweetest!

Nancy@OwensOlivia said...

TOTAL love!!!!!!!!!

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