My biggest nemesis right now is this stupid pull up bar. Well not just this one but any pull up bar. I cannot.. CANNOT do a pull up to save my life. And for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to sign up for a 100 day pull up challenge at my Crossfit gym.  Angie and I signed up together, but she is by far way better at them then me. This challenge started 27 days ago and goes like this: 
day 1: 1 pull up
day 2: 2 pull ups
day 99: 99 pull ups
day 100: 100 pull ups
In all we will do about five THOUSAND pull ups in 100 days. Isn't that insane? Seriously only crazy people would sign up for something like this...and now I want to quit.

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Jimmy&Haylee said...

You can do it!!!!

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