Cleaning turns me from...

Seriously cleaning is NO FUN!! Its only fun when you are consistently organized, key word being CONSISTENTLY!! Anyone who knows me knows that I constantly struggle to be clean. I'm not disgusting or anything just a little cluttered. I've tried everything, pinned everything, printed everything , have started and not finished almost every "cleaning schedule" out there! I'm like the yo-yo cleaner! I get my house spotless and try as I might within a few days later its back to chaos! Does anyone else feel like that? So, all that being said I have a found one way for me to consistently clean and not feel deprived of "me time" (while the kiddos are napping) and it is a...


Yep, as childish as it seems this by far the most effective way I clean. I clean at 20/10 intervals, 20 minutes cleaning 10 minutes doing whatever, and IT WORKS!! So, on any given day that's what you'll see me doing in the afternoons, running back and forth to the kitchen timer. I realize that for most this would drive you crazy and you would rather get it all done in one shot, but for me the procrastinator its the only way to go! Maybe someday I will be the organized mom that I dream about but for now the timer is ringing and my time is up!

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