Jed and I went to a Halloween party and dressed up as Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy. It was the simplest costume that we could come up with. We had everything besides the socks and then I made my wig using this great yarn wig tutorial. The tutorial is for a child but I just changed the measurements and it worked great.

Neither Jed or I really like Halloween, but it was fun to dress up. And its always cute to see so many great kiddos dressed up in their costumes; especially my adorable nephew Jack as a Monster.

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beckaboots said...

Hey thanks for checking out my project! I love your raggedy ann and andy costumes. Super cute and quick! My church halloween party has no costumes this year! Super lame so I am just making one for my little guy and that's it.

If Work Permits

Ryan & Courtney said...

Super cute costumes! You guys are adorable!

Jenny said...

i seriously take the best pics haha!! You guys look super cute although i think jed makes a kinda a creepy red head. no offense jed! :)

Lindsey said...
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Kristyne said...

Love the costumes!

Paul and Brandalyn said...

OH MY GOODNESS! PEGGY I love your blog!!!! I love your crafts and furniture restoring! It totally inspires me!!!! So, I can we agree to reciprocal blog stalking? haha

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