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I told Peggy that I didn't want to write my bio today.  She didn't listen.  I had a good excuse too... I found out some super bad news today (the boy I love doesn't love me back.  And when I say "love" I really mean "like") and so thus I am not in the most optimistic/positive/happy mood.  She didn't care.  So now I'm gonna blame her for this negative post.  But to be honest I'm kinda a negative person anyways, but in a really positive way.  Now down to business.  I'm the third sister (well really the second, but sometimes i feel like the youngest....probably because I am the least responsible and my life is the least put together).  I've only had a blog once before - for 4 months I kept one when I lived in the Middle East (as a student, not as part of the military).  Some people have asked me to continue.  I haven't.  But now I guess I will.  I am the least creative of us three.  So you'll probably never see me actually making anything.... but I sure like to buy things for them to fix/make.  I am passionate about a few things though....losing weight (have been ever since my doctor told me I was "border line obese"...referred to as BLO because its kinda embarrassing to tell people).  Oh and dressing for my BLO body type...well I need to be more passionate about that because I don't ever look very good.  I also love going on traveling adventures.  I've been to Mexico, Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, Netherlands, Switzerland, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Palestine and I really want to keep adding to the list.  But more so than international travel I actually want to see my own country.  So I'm gonna talk about my travels in the United States of America. Hmm I think that's it for my rambling (Peggy just had a looksies over and commented on how long this is).  So I'll end with my stats: 25 years old. Graduated with a bachelors in Middle Eastern Studies and Arabic. Single.

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Aimee said...

You already have an interesting life story and you're young!! What a blessing!!! I love how close your family is, that's such a treasure, hold onto it!!!

Aimee @ ItsOverflowing

Josh & Amy said...

Angie, I knew this post was you before you even said it was, because it was ridiculously long.

Kidding, kidding. I love you Ang!!

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