During my lunch break last week I stopped at one of the many many thrift stores that I have had my eye on. (One benefit of driving 45 min. into town everyday for work is that you find all sorts of stores you never knew existed!) I especially like this store The Attic because all of the proceeds go to a homeless shelter for women and children. 
And of course I found something that I just fell in love with and HAD to buy because I NEEDED it. This old radio/record player from the 50's that actually WORKS. I also knew that Jed would let me buy it because he too thinks we NEED a record player. 

We were so excited to get it home on Saturday (thanks dad for hauling it!) that we spent that whole night refinishing it. Jed even went with me to the fabric store, which he hates to do.

radio/record player: 75$ The Attic 
paint: $15
knob: $5
fabric: 12$
total: 107$

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Ryan & Courtney said...

gosh you are seriously soo talented! I wanna learn how to reupholster one of these days when I have a real house, so when that time comes you need to teach me k?! I miss you so much!

Peggy Jean said...

Looking good! Dad

PeggyJean said...

Oh Court! That is so sweet. Lets just move next door to each other and hangout all day and do crafts!

And dad it looks like I said that! haha

Rach said...

Ok, this record player is seriously so AWESOME! I'm glad that you wrote on my blog, because I am so excited to see that you have one too... now I can join your stalkers ;). You're so cute!

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