favorite word

By far my favorite word is FREE. I love getting and finding things for free; it instantly puts me in a good mood. Especially when in the end we make money off of something free.

This summer Jed is working for a pest control company, so each day he goes into peoples homes and gets to snoop into all there things. He sees some pretty cool stuff and some disgusting stuff. One day he was in a garage and noticed this table that he really liked and commented to the owner about it; who in turn asked if he wanted it.. for free. So later that night we went over and picked up our sweet table along with lots of other great stuff she just wanted to get rid of.

So I really did like the table but not as much as the one Jed redid for me (here). So we did the next best thing and sold it to a sweet couple on craigslist for 180 bucks!

table/6chairs: FREE (sweet lady)
cost of refinishing: 0$
sold: 180$

And that is why I love the word FREE.

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Whitney and Jordan said...

I love that you have been blogging more.. Way to go Mrs. Free! miss ya!

Angie Pangie said...

I wish you would go into more detail about the disgusting stuff Jed sees.

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