When I grow up...

As many of you have heard from varying sources I have found myself a new lover... I like to refer to her as 1.5.7. The moment I saw her I just fell in love and now we have been best friends ever since. We met at Jana's (my roommate) dairy farm that we went to for fhe. It was the neatest experience becuase we got to feed the cows and milk them and we even were able to feed the the baby cows with bottles. At dinner Jana's mom had us drink the milk that they had gotten that morning and it was actually delicious. Needless to say farming was amazing and I am extreamly disappointed that dad picked engineering over cows. When I grow up I want to buy 157 from Jana's family and let her live in my front yard where my kids can play with her everyday and when I need milk I can just walk outside and sit down on my three legged stool and milk her as my neighbors walk by. Awww.... that would be magical.

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