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It's strange how different life can be in such a short amount of time. When I was still pregnant people would tell me I "had no idea" how a baby would change my life. And it was annoying to hear that, but they were right. Nothing could prepare me for becoming a mom, going through labor, being so sleep deprived, and being so in love with a baby.

I read countless birth stories while I was on bed rest, each one talked about this feeling they had when they held their baby for the first time. I was a skeptic.. I didn't doubt that I would love my baby , but the way women would write made it sound somewhat 'magical' and a little unrealistic.

When I was in labor and as soon as I delivered Scarlett they put her on my chest and I remember thinking 'okay, do I feel different?' honestly the whole experience was overwhelming, what my body had just gone through, plus the fatigue. I am not sure if I felt that overwhelming love at that moment. I was in shock. But that love did come. During our stay at the hospital and those first few days at home spent as a family of three. It is an unreal love, one that can't adequately be described. It is 'magical' and I feel so unbelievable blessed to be able to experience it.

Its been a whirlwind of emotions this last month. I cry. easily. And poor Jed doesn't know what to do with two crying girls now. I've had some irrational fears that our tiny little babe is growing WAY too fast and this overwhelming feeling that I wish time would stand still.

Our little miss really isn't 'little'. She came two weeks early at 8lbs 1oz and 21 inches long. Most of her newborn clothes were worn once and now have been packed away. She is a sweet thing that loves her mama, and makes me feel so special. She loves to eat and thankfully nursing has been going well. She has packed on a few pounds and is making her way to be a chubby girl.
our Scarlett girl 1 week old

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Ryan & Courtney said...

oh my gosh i loved this! you need to write more often peggy!

Jaime said...

So so cute! She is adorable Peggy!!

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