Carters Happy Birthday!

Carter turned three this May!! We had the usual cake and ice cream and had some of his besties over. We scored some great free luau decorations awhile back so he had a Hawaiian luau/dinosaur party, complete with grass skirts (all the kids hated them except for Jack who just wanted to eat it)! 


We all went in and got a Carter a swing set for his birthday!! German wasn't to happy about it, we have a park right behind our house...but this way Carter can just go right out back and I can be doing other things (while of course keeping an eye on him). He LOVES it!!! All he ever wants to do anymore is go outside and play on "his play ground".

 I cannot believe that 3 years have come and gone. It really does go by so fast. I am so blessed to have this crazy, intelligent, wild and sometime annoying (haha) little boy in my life. I honestly cant imagine my life without him and I dont want to! I LOVE YOU CARTER!!!!

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