Look what i found!!

Finally I have found somethings that are worth talking about!! That were FREE or super cheap!! I don't tend to find good deals, all I find are broken tables at goodwill for like $200 or free dirt on craigslist! Im not super cool like my sister Peggy and her husband, who basically have people throwing free antiques or nice furniture at them (just a couple examples), nope I just get the rejects. But not today! I was driving home from a workout when I passed a super cute buffet/night stand/sofa table/console table (apparently I don't know what it is) sitting on the side of a house just a block away from mine. It said...
Well I have a good home! I immediately pulled over to try and cram it in my trunk when I realized that it was full of stuff for a upcoming yard sale! I rushed home, all of 1 block, threw everything outta my car and started to go back. As I pulled up to the stop sign on my street I saw a truck full of furniture drive by! Ive gotta tell you, anything that is posted for free in Rio Rancho is gone in like five minutes so I obviously wanted to cry right there because I was sure they took my little furniture piece..."STUPID YARD SALE" was all I could think. I decided to drive by just to make sure she was gone and there she was, in all her heavily used and dirty glory!

She definitely isn't perfect...

But she is MINE, and I beat out all the other furniture hoarders in RR to get her!

You want to see what makes her the best??

Yep, her sexy little casters!!

Ive got a screaming kid so I'll let you know tomorrow about my other amazing find!

PS Is it wierd that i gave this piece of furniture a gender?
PSS dont look at my gross floors!

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Peggy Jean said...

you made my day with this post! love it and love that sweet console seriously sweet legs!

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