I mentioned before that I love free things, especially free furniture. It doesn't phase Jed to just ask strangers what there plans are for discarded furniture in backyards and garages; and the majority of the time people are glad to have him haul it away. 

I was counting all the different pieces of furniture in our house and also pieces we have sold and given away and it totaled to about 12; 2 dressers, 2 dinning tables (one with 6 chairs), 3 entertainment centers, 2 night stands, 1 coffee table, 1 headboard, and 1 lounge chair (we also have gotten lamps and a bike, but they were way ugly so I don't count them). We've made about $400 dollars reselling free furniture, and furnished about half our house. That's why I love FREE stuff!

This is our newest free item that Jed picked up from a sweet old lady. She also told him that she has a matching dresser that she wants to give us! (but that probably won't happen, since we don't know her name)

Jenny and I have a small obsession with mid century modern furniture and this is one of the first pieces that I own now. It is somewhat worn out in places but I really love the natural wood color and couldn't bare to paint it. We used some Old English polish on it and now it looks so much better.

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Jordan said...

Nothing like scoring some free furniture!

One of the best ways to restore the scratches is to rub a pecan or walnut right on the scratch. You just break it in two and rub the flesh side into it. It's quite amazing how it will restore some of the finish. I learned this trick with my parents hardwood floor.

Peggy Jean said...

wow! thanks for the hint!

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