Failing a bit at a time, till I stop

Its already midway through February. February 14th to be exact. Great. I suck. (No I am not going to talk about Valentines Day). I NEVER made a resolution for February! Ugh. Thought about it. Didn't do it. I wish I had more of that "go getter" personality. I suck. But moving on...

Lets look at how I did in January.

Not very well.

At all.

If you remember, my goal was to drink a green smoothie every day. Well that didn't happen. I don't really know why...it wasn't that hard and I actually like them. I did go out of town....and there were just those day when it just did not happen. You know the days. I maybe drank 20 green smoothies out of the 31 days. Percentage wise that is like a D+. Not so good. At all. I've continued to drink them though (cause I PROMISE they are soo GOOD). However I reallly wanted one of the side effects of drinking them to be weight loss. That did not happen. At all. I'm actually beginning to be very discouraged. It has been 3 months since we started CrossFit and about a month and a half since I've started watching my diet etc and I have yet to lose a pound, an inch, NADA. My clothes don't fit looser (cause I am big on not looking at the scale, but rather think that you should go by inches/clothes etc). This is the same case for Peggy and our Mom. Sigh. Obviously we are doing something wrong. Eating out too much...eating too much in general....eating the most delicious processed/fried/sugary foods that we can get our hands on. Yep pretty sure that is why we are still the same size. I JUST DON'T HAVE ANY SELF CONTROL. none. I don't know how to say "no". I don't know how to WANT to lose weight MORE than I WANT that Krispy Kreme doughnut. (Seriously sounds so good right now). I don't know how to toughen up mentally. For me that is hard and at this moment feels so impossible.

So since there are only 14 more days in this wonderfully short month of February maybe I'll try something that I think will be impossible. Because its only 14 days. Just two short weeks.

No grains
No fast food
No sugar
No fried __________
No dairy

Pretty much this is the Paleo diet that I want to do, but I honestly have no faith in myself for actually accomplishing it. So lets see if I can do it for just 2 weeks...starting tomorrow....because really I don't think that starting a diet on a holiday is actually the smartest thing that you could do.

I'll let you know how it goes by mid-March ;)


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Josh & Amy said...

I love you Angie. You make me laugh. And I believe in you!!

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