Jed and I are getting so excited because in a week from today we will be moving home! Well kinda... Jed will be, but me... I get to go to Bosie for a whole week and skip that awful, long, boring drive! And while I am in Bosie I get to hang out with my best friends Courtney and Kristyne! Court is getting married and me and Kriz are basically her flower girls, bridesmaids, and wedding planner all rolled up into one! Kidding we are just her friends, but we would be willing to do any of that for her! It is going to be a blast and I am so looking forward to a mini vacation. 

Something else that is wonderful BUT definitely not as exciting as her wedding is that the three of us girls will be graduating from BYU-Idaho together next Saturday! It is crazy to think that four years has already passed from when I first met the two of them. Lots has changed and I am so excited to graduate together!

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Kristyne said...

peggy this is my favorite! i am so excited!

Ryan & Courtney said...

oh i love this!!!
i seriously think i am going to cry at graduation. but i am so so happy that graduation won't be goodbye and that we all get to spend the next week together in boise! best pre-wedding week ever!!!

Cassandra Hope said...

!!! I'm so happy for you girl! Graduation...wow, crazy huh?

german&jenny said...

i think the best news of all is that you are FINALLY coming home where you belong! Congrats on graduating and im SO sorry I wont be there. Have fun at the wedding and hey, you wanna babysit on the 28th???? :)

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