Scrub a dub dub... one dog in the tub!

Poor little rubybooby... she was looking a little tattered and torn since being at our house. Maybe it has to do with her encounters with Little Mo or her extended periods of stay out side. But her curls were no longer curls and she was beginning to smell like a dog so I decided to give her a bath... In Quinn's tub! I couldn't find her shampoo so I used Quinn's American Crew soap and now she looks like a precious little princess.

I don't think she really liked the bath all to well... but she did like drying off.

3 notes:

Brandilyn said...

well geez peggy sue you're just a real life dog groomer!

Angie Pangie said...

I lol so hard I cried.

Angie Pangie said...

The funniest part about this is that you used Quinn's tub and shampoo and then she dried herself on Dad's chair. haha.

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