Everybody Clap Your Hands!!!!

Humor is a funny thing... everyone’s own sense of comic relief is different. Angie's and mine are quite alike... very unique. Some might say that it’s an acquired taste (dad...) but she thinks I am funny and I find her to be hilarious. Over Thanksgiving I spent nine glorious days with her. With her upcoming departure to the underworld I decided to take a little trip down memory lane and look through the pictures we snapped while I was invading her house.

Picture Locations (in order):

Angie's apartment

Macy's at the mall

Angie's apartment

Angie waiting for me.... at her apartment
Angie's apartment

Angie waiting for me outside the Chili's restaurant stall

Chili's restaurant

And lastly and Angie's apartment once again
As I was saying before an aquired taste for our humor is sometimes needed. Angie a 22 year old almost senior at BYU found it amusing to take pictures of me leaving the restroom when I least expected it even when we were in public. I believe that my dear sister was doing this heinous act to boost my self esteem and to capture on film the accomplishment that I had just achieved!

2 notes:

Kristyne said...

haha peggy this is so funny. i remember when you showed me all these pics after we got back from vacation.

Brandilyn said...

hey PEGGY, it looks liek you spilled water down your front in that second one hahaha. i like it. i'll bet you+your sister are hilarious like michelle (MY BFF) and i are together, we are just so hilarious every day. wellp, pretty darn excited for sleepover time!

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